Bugglington Manor

Bugglington ManorAnother feature at Llanyrafon Manor is the scale model of the original building, designed as a bug hotel. Affectionately named ‘Bugglington Manor’, this area of the site is aimed to attract insects and spiders following its installation at the Easter event of 2013. Using a range of characters, the model helps to interpret these creatures to children and forms a part of the bug hunt on site for young visitors.

The model contains a range of materials from straw and hay to bricks. This provides insects with the opportunity to burrow in and find safe hibernation sites. Some materials also mimic the litter on a forest floor. So far spiders, woodlice and snails have been found within the structure but there may also be earwigs, beetles and many other creatures living inside.

As well as Bugglington Manor, other housing was placed within the grounds during early 2013 including ladybird, frog and hedgehog houses. These are situated within the various habitats and are monitored regularly for signs of habitation.


Llanyrafon Manor